FUSE filesystem Python scripts for Nintendo console files
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# This file is a part of ninfs.
# Copyright (c) 2017-2021 Ian Burgwin
# This file is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).
# You can find the full license text in LICENSE.md in the root of this project.
from importlib import import_module
from inspect import cleandoc
from os import environ, makedirs
from os.path import basename, dirname, expanduser, join as pjoin, realpath
from sys import exit, argv, path, platform, hexversion, version_info
_path = dirname(realpath(__file__))
if _path not in path:
path.insert(0, _path)
import mountinfo
windows = platform in {'win32', 'cygwin'}
python_cmd = 'py -3' if windows else 'python3'
if hexversion < 0x030601F0:
exit('Python {0[0]}.{0[1]}.{0[2]} is not supported. Please use Python 3.6.1 or later.'.format(version_info))
def exit_print_types():
print('Please provide a mount type as the first argument.')
print('Available mount types:')
for cat, items in mountinfo.categories.items():
for item in items:
info = mountinfo.get_type_info(item)
print(f' - {item}: {info["name"]} ({info["info"]})')
def mount(mount_type: str, return_doc: bool = False) -> int:
if mount_type in {'gui', 'gui_i_want_to_be_an_admin_pls'}:
from gui import start_gui
return start_gui()
if mount_type in {'-v', '--version'}:
# this kinda feels wrong...
from __init__ import __version__
pyver = '{0[0]}.{0[1]}.{0[2]}'.format(version_info)
if version_info[3] != 'final':
pyver += '{0[3][0]}{0[4]}'.format(version_info)
# this should stay as str.format so it runs on older versions
print('ninfs v{0} on Python {1} - https://github.com/ihaveamac/ninfs'.format(__version__, pyver))
return 0
# noinspection PyProtectedMember
from pyctr.crypto import BootromNotFoundError
if windows:
from ctypes import windll, get_last_error
if windll.shell32.IsUserAnAdmin():
print('- Note: This should *not* be run as an administrator.',
'- The mount will not be normally accessible.',
'- This should be run from a non-administrator command prompt or PowerShell prompt.', sep='\n')
# this allows for the gui parent process to send signal.CTRL_BREAK_EVENT and for this process to receive it
import os
parent_pid = int(environ['NINFS_GUI_PARENT_PID'])
if windll.kernel32.AttachConsole(parent_pid) == 0: # ATTACH_PARENT_PROCESS
print(f'Failed to do AttachConsole({parent_pid}):', get_last_error())
print("(Note: this most likely isn't the cause of any other issues you might have!)")
except KeyError:
if mount_type not in mountinfo.types and mount_type not in mountinfo.aliases:
module = import_module('mount.' + mountinfo.aliases.get(mount_type, mount_type))
if return_doc:
# noinspection PyTypeChecker
return module.__doc__
prog = None
if __name__ != '__main__':
prog = 'mount_' + mountinfo.aliases.get(mount_type, mount_type)
# noinspection PyUnresolvedReferences
return module.main(prog=prog)
except BootromNotFoundError as e:
print('Bootrom could not be found.',
'Please read the README of the repository for more details.',
'Paths checked:',
*(' - {}'.format(x) for x in e.args[0]), sep='\n')
return 1
except RuntimeError as e:
if e.args == (1,):
pass # assuming failed to mount and the reason would be displayed in the terminal
def create_desktop_entry(prefix: str = None):
desktop_file = cleandoc('''
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Mount Nintendo contents
Exec=python3 -mninfs gui
if not prefix:
home = expanduser('~')
prefix = environ.get('XDG_DATA_HOME', pjoin(home, '.local', 'share'))
app_dir = pjoin(prefix, 'applications')
makedirs(app_dir, exist_ok=True)
with open(pjoin(app_dir, 'ninfs.desktop'), 'w', encoding='utf-8') as o:
print('Writing', o.name)
for s in ('1024x1024', '128x128', '64x64', '32x32', '16x16'):
img_dir = pjoin(prefix, 'icons', 'hicolor', s, 'apps')
makedirs(img_dir, exist_ok=True)
with open(pjoin(dirname(__file__), 'gui/data', s + '.png'), 'rb') as i, \
open(pjoin(img_dir, 'ninfs.png'), 'wb') as o:
print('Writing', o.name)
def main():
def gui(_allow_admin: bool = False):
if len(argv) < 2 or argv[1] in {'gui', 'gui_i_want_to_be_an_admin_pls'}:
from gui import start_gui
if __name__ == '__main__':
# path fun times
if len(argv) < 2: